Stand Together

Stand Together

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Our heroes need us like never before.

From raging forest fires to riots and protests in the streets, to COVID-19 and all it has meant for the nation, the stressors they are facing are extreme, and the daily dangers and threats are real. And, at the end of the day, they head home to their families. Oftentimes, exhausted and in desperate need of hope.

Now more than ever, they need our support. Because of the despicable actions of some bad cops, a whole profession of officers has been unjustly labeled. The impact on the LEO (law enforcement officer) community and officers’ mental and emotional health has been like no other time. Our National Guard and military have been on the front lines taking on COVID-19 and have experienced long weeks away from family and potential exposures to the virus. Our firefighters have fought for weeks on the fire lines, only to have new fires crop up after arriving home.

Let’s Stand TOGETHER! When so much is tearing us down, let’s join together to celebrate resilience, healing, and stand with the heroes that valiantly and honorably serve our families and communities. Now is our moment to rally to give back and show our support! We are incredibly thankful for your past support, and consider it a privilege to link arms with you again this year.

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Stronger Families

Campaign to Support Stronger Families

Our mission is to bring life-changing relationship skills to military, veteran, and first responder families so they can be strong and thrive.

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Langley in Luxury
Langley in Luxury
$20,500 of $25,000 (82%)
    VIVIAN JOHNSON gave a $52.44 donation
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  4. Randy and Judy  Clark
    Randy and Judy Clark gave a $5,000 donation
    Thanks for all you do.
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  6. Thomas Absher
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