Celebrating Armed Forces Day

Celebrating Armed Forces Day

About This Campaign

On May 16th, we celebrated Armed Forces Day, and honored those who serve and sacrifice for our country. 

The tremendous stress that many military families face as their loved ones are put in harm’s way can have many negative effects on family. The standards for serving are high, conditioning many service members to ‘wear the uniform’ even when they’re home. During deployments, families are separated for 6 to 15 months at a time, disrupting their family dynamics. Between About 11-20% of who have served suffer from PTSD. The compilation of stressors has caused a 25% increase in divorce rate in the past decade among our military communities.

Stronger Families is changing this. 

Stronger Families' mission is to provide life-changing relationship resources to our Military, Veteran, and First Responder communities so they can be strong and thrive. Since 2013, Stronger Families has hosted OXYGEN Couples Seminars and Workshops in 34 states and 9 countries. In 2019 alone we served over 14,000 family members within the Military, Veteran, and First-Responder communities.

Stronger Families invites you to invest in providing life-changing resources to our nation’s heroes so they can be strong and thrive at home. By donating to Stronger Families, you will help to ensure marriages will be saved, relationships are healed, and hope is restored.

Stronger Families

Campaign to Support Stronger Families

Our mission is to bring life-changing relationship skills to military, veteran, and first responder families so they can be strong and thrive.


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